Little Ducks is a unique preschool set in the sports pavilion of the quaint village of Childrey, Oxfordshire.

We are working towards our Curiosity Approach Accreditation. We believe it is important to provide a warm and welcoming environment that is stimulating and safe for children to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

Little Ducks is a committee-led preschool with 2 preschool leads who run the day-to-day running of the setting.

Little Ducks is lucky to use the play area and playing field to benefit the children to develop in all areas further; we use these to our advantage.

We regularly go for walks around the village itself, the church, the school to use their early years area and participate in the song time at the Little Ducks toddler group based in the Methodist hall.

As a setting,  We encourage parental/grandparental participation, too, whether that's teaching the children about their jobs to join us to read with the children as a parent helper.


In The


DONATIONS are very much welcome and appreciated. Our plans for the pre-school continue and every penny counts towards achieving our goal of providing even better facilities for our children and helping give them the best start possible in their educational journey.

If you would like to donate please contact us.

Our Aim


It is our aim to enable the children that attend Little Ducks to feel secure, have fun and enjoy themselves whilst learning. We aim to help children to develop their intrigue into the world around them, to be active and independent learners.

We strive for the children to be confident and school ready by the time they leave Little Ducks. We aim for the children within our care to be able to express themselves and have the understanding or have some understanding of self-regulation.

Opening Times

We as a pre-school operate on a sessional basis;


Morning session    8.30am – 11.30am

Lunch                     11.30am -  12.15pm

Afternoon session 12.15pm – 3.15pm

Full Day                  8.30am – 3.15pm

We are open term time only Monday to Friday.


​Our Staff

We are proud of the high ratio of adults to children in our group. (4 members of staff at every session. Which means we have a ratio of 1 adult to 4.5 children) This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child

Preschool Leads: Kealiegh and Claire (SENCO) 

Qualified Pre-School Assistant: Ayako

Unqualified Pre-School Assistant: Vicky 

A full qualification and training log is available to see upon request for all members of staff.


Early Years Development & Ofsted

Our pre-school is registered with the local Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership and qualifies for local education grants for our children.

We are registered by Ofsted (EY495310) and received a very positive report in our last inspection in May 2010. Should you wish to view the report, go to Ofsted website and search using the unique reference number 153061.

Our Ofsted report gave us the overall grade of GOOD for both the quality and standards of our care and the quality and standards of our nursery education. This is testament to the hard work our staff and committee put in to making Little Ducks a welcoming environment to all parents and children and involving the wider community in the preschool setting. 

Ofsted were very complimentary and their comments included:


Comments from the Ofsted inspection March 2018

"Children are happy and confident. They arrive happily at the pre-school and staff greet and support children well"

"Staff encourage children to play together and share well. They communicate effectively with children to develop their understanding of good behaviour"

"The committee, management team and staff work well together reflect on the quality of activities well. They demonstrate a strong commitment to promoting good-quality care for children"


Other Partnerships

We are working towards our Curiosity Approach Accreditation

Our pre-school works with OCC’s Children and Families Service and qualifies for Nursery Education Funding (NEF) for our children.


We are a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance (ref 21814) and a Registered Charity (number 1157264).